Gender reveal party!

This weekend, my husband and I threw a “gender reveal party.” Although we already knew the gender of the baby, we used it as an excuse to 1) celebrate the pregnancy (the party coincided with the 20th week of pregnancy–yay halfway mark!), 2) party with friends, and 3) reveal our baby’s gender to our friends.

While there are many ways to reveal a baby’s gender at a shindig like this (just do a google search!), my husband and I chose to reveal via cake. The inside was dyed a color correlating to the baby’s gender, therefore when we cut into the cake later in the evening, guests would find out if the baby is a “he or she.”

This cake was modeled after a Pinterest pin that I saw. I sent a photo of the design to Breadwinners Bakery and they replicated it beautifully. Dyed vanilla cake with cream vanilla frosting.


Aren’t these birdies darling?

I never like to invite people and have nothing to munch on (contrary to my husband’a philosophy), so in addition to wine (which I couldn’t drink), I made cupcakes, banana bread, bought cheese and crackers along with some shrimp. The last three items came from my favorite store, Trader Joes. I got some flowers from Trader Joes as well, to jazz up the table.





Banana bread recipe inspired by Simply Recipes.

When guests walked in, they had to vote on what they thought the gender of the baby might be. After submitting a ballot, guests wore either a pink or blue clothes pin to represent their vote. This ended up being a lot of fun as guests tried to interview me and use the height of my stomach as evidence for their vote.

Clothes pins from Party City.


20140729-122246-44566705.jpgBallot cards from vendor ThatPartyChick on Etsy.

The party was wonderful! Surrounded by friends, we finally cut the cake to reveal….





We are having a girl!!!!!


I highly recommend gender reveal parties. This is definitely a newer trend, but it is one great excuse to have a big party!

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6 thoughts on “Gender reveal party!

  1. Allison and Sean,
    What a creative and happy party!!!!! So glad to see that you are both enjoying the time leading up to the birth of your daughter. Thanks for sharing the photos. This made us feel as though we were with you at the party. We love you both and are excited to become “GREAT GRANDPARENTS”.


  2. Umm… you’re the one expecting, right? Where’s the belly???!? πŸ™‚ I’m just jealous. Congrats on a little girl!! You and Sean are going to have so much fun with a girl. We love you guys.


  3. Allison this was wonderful to see and imagine being there. What fun for you and your hubby. Embracing this new being in your life. Shows you both are truly stopping the busy life and enjoying the moment. Proud of you both. Love Auntie Sarita


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