A belt and a band


I really love clothes. And when I found out that I was pregnant, I have to be honest, I was super excited about buying a new wardrobe to show off my impending bump!

But my plan encountered a few hiccups…

First, I didn’t get a bump for a loooooooooooong time. Some semblance of a bump didn’t start to emerge until I reached five months (like two seconds ago). And even still, it just looks like I have awful gas or over ate (both of which might be true at any given moment). Even now, my bump still doesn’t really justify a new wardrobe.

Second, I don’t really like maternity clothes. They either look too matronly or are extremely costly.

Third, a lot of the cute stuff goes quickly! I really like Asos, but all the sassy stuff goes fast. When I look for clothes, I look for a certain amount of sexiness & style. But I’m hard-pressed to find those qualities in maternity clothing.

So what is a girl to do? Work with what I’ve got.

I started to look online for suggestions on repurposing pre-pregnancy clothing:

“When the tummy starts to pop and tops just don’t cut it, layer on a Bellaband to split the difference. The seamless knit band also hides unbuttoned pants or holds up those maternity jeans that are still a bit big.”


“As your waistline has at least temporarily migrated north your waistband should follow suit. Belt your dresses and skirts at the narrow empire valley. Dresses in stretch ready knits can follow the fluctuations of your form to birth and beyond.”


So before a night out with hubby, I grabbed a silky top & black jeans (from The Limited), a skinny belt, and a Bellaband. The last two were crucial. Without them, I looked like a tent with ill-fitting jeans. When I belted my shirt, I magically had a waist and added shape to my figure. With the Bellaband, I was able to still wear my favorite jeans that fit everywhere but the waist. The band helps keep jeans up when they don’t button (where were they when I wasn’t pregnant?).

A Bellaband, available at Ingridandisabel.com

The end result allowed me to wear my cute pre-pregnancy clothes, to maintain my sass, and to keep some money in my purse!


2 thoughts on “A belt and a band

    • That band is a lifesaver Sasha! I hope I can last through the pregnancy as well with the band and not be forced to buy maternity pants. (Not hating on maternity pants, but I would rather save some money for they baby!)


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