Faux leather maternity leggings

Being pregnant can really suck the energy out of me, even in the 2nd trimester (which is supposed to be better than the 1st trimester, but that’s pure lies!). Even getting out of bed or doing basic chores can feel like insurmountable tasks on some days. It goes without saying that my typical evening calendar has been quite light, consisting of doggy & hubby cuddle time on the couch, while watching episodes of Family Feud. 

But every so often, an event will inspire me to get off my tush and to find energy from the deepest reserves in my soul–to party like a pre-pregnant woman. One such event was the Beyoncé & Jay-Z “On the Run” concert.


Image from Beyonce.com

Now, you can’t just wear any old thing to a Beyoncé & Jay-Z concert.  Oh no, you need to find something that you can run upstage and be a backup dancer in (you know, just in case Beyoncé calls you up…).  A Bellaband wasn’t going to cut it this time. My friend and I debated outfits for weeks prior to the concert.  So this is what this pregnant mama (me) settled on for the concert.  

After a thorough search of my favorite maternity websites (favorite…a loose term), I settled on two items from Asos. A black top and faux leather leggings (both in maternity cuts).  


Images from US Asos website

The leggings were perfect.  The additional soft fabric that rose over my tummy (see pics below) allowed for extra breathing room and space for my bump.  The shirt, however, was a different story.  The top wasn’t flattering at all.  I didn’t return it though. I think that it will be a great shirt for the last months of pregnancy when my stomach is larger. 

Instead of wearing the top that I ordered, I settled for an old, pre-pregnancy flowy top that I got from Target (of all places).  It has two layers, one of which billows gently around my tummy. Add some heels & makeup, and I mentally transformed myself into Bey!  “I’m ready for you girl!”


Needless to say, the concert was fantastic.  I danced and sang along with my friends and husband.  But I must say that one of the most rewarding parts of the show was feeling my little baby girl kicking and moving around to the different songs (which in my mind, I interpret as in utero dancing).  That’s my little girl! 🙂

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