Week 22: Food & Exercise Chronicles

Week 22…more than half way done with my pregnancy and closer & closer to kissing up my little baby girl when she arrives! As each day goes by, as cheesy as this sounds, my love for my baby continues to grow and to expand. It is quite unbelievable. Little things make my heart swell. Little things such as when she starts a kicking and punching fit or when I feel her situate herself to one side of my body. Or the many times when my husband touches my tummy, and my baby gravitates towards where his hand is and kicks. Ugh, it is so sweet–I so look forward to the bond between my daughter and my husband. I know these days of tender flutters and sweet kicks are short lived, so I’m just enjoying each happy moment. Pretty soon she won’t be in my tummy anymore, but rather wrapped up in my arms.

During week 22, I was determined to recover from my prior week of binge eating. I vowed to eat well & to exercise! Though a bit of a roller coaster ride, I didn’t do that badly!

This week’s snacks: I had no cookies or chips in the house (my tip: don’t buy something that you will feel guilty about later). My snacks consisted of fruits (green apples, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, pineapples), handfuls of Honey Bunches of Oats, Dannon Vanilla Yogurt with Post Bran Oats and/or fruit, gluten-free pretzels, and Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bars. I had one serving of ice cream this week.

Overall drink choices: I aimed for water & Propel. I did indulge in soda several times, which has become my pregnant version of wine (especially Shirley Temples…ooooooo yuuuummmm, with extra cherries!). I allow this indulgence, but usually no more than 2 servings a day.

Daily food & exercise choices:

Sunday: I made it to the gym! What an accomplishment in itself. I focused on squats and machine work on my back & arms.
Meal highlights: My meals were moderate and in small portions. For dinner, I had my tri-colored veggie pasta, a few strips of broiled steak (that my hubby made), and some Spanish plantains. Yum. Great day!

Monday: Today I went to the doctor and got a clean bill of health. My blood tests showed that all of my levels (including sugar) were normal. Success!
Today was food shopping day: My husband helped pick out organic & healthy foods (two thumbs up for him!). Fruits & veggies for juices, chicken, fish, oatmeal, gluten-free pretzels…this was a pretty healthy cart of food!

Shopping day!

A super healthy cart!

Meal highlights: For breakfast, I headed to my favorite cafe and had a coffee & chocolate croissant. Yes, a chocolate croissant. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one aspect of my weight management includes how I distribute my sugars & fats. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then enjoy that high sugar food earlier in the day (for breakfast or lunch) so that you still have time to burn the calories. For lunch, I had some left over veggie pasta. For dinner, I enjoyed a date night with my hubby at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant. We had some delicious Asian fusion food. I noshed on a noodle & beef stew. (I also wore one of my first maternity outfits :))


Tuesday: Probably my best day this week with food!

Meal highlights: In the morning, I juiced–my yummy strawberry/pineapple/blueberry drink. For dinner, I tried a recipe from a recent post by a fitness guru on Instagram, ashley.horner. I baked fresh cod, asparagus, and squash. With spices and olive oil, this meal was hearty and tasty.



Wednesday: Oh no, I woke up feeling so sick. Not sure what was going on, but my stomach shut down that day. It was pretty horrible. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat much. I spent most of the day trying to sip water since I got really dehydrated.

Meal highlights: I managed to get down some scrambled eggs–yay for protein. I also ate some yogurt. Yogurt is one of my favorite daily snacks! (I get a large size of Dannon Vanilla Yogurt and then add fruit & granola to scooped out portions…I’m getting hungry for it just typing about it!)

Thursday: I had a professional development training session for work that lasted all day. My meals were primarily “to go” but surprisingly, more on the healthy side. Major success: I made it to the gym again! This time, I walked on the treadmill and did some machine work on my back & neck. I tried to bike, but my stomach kept getting in the way and making the workout uncomfortable.

Meal highlights: I had a bagel & latte for breakfast from Starbucks. Not too bad. For lunch, I grabbed a Subway sandwich (my fav: a 6 inch Italian BMT sub, no cheese, with mustard–note the moderate portion–6 in., not 12 in.), potato chips, and a Fanta soda (eh, a so-so meal, but better than most fast food options). Oh, btw, pregnant women: remember to get your sub toasted to avoid a case of listeria. For dinner, I had salmon & squash from MyFitFoods, a great “fast food” joint that only makes high quality and healthy foods. It is unlike any fast food place that you know–check and see if one is by you! It is only fast food because you literally get your food fast.

An old picture of the same order from Subway

Friday: Binge day! But controlled. See how!

Meal highlights: Pancake house! I really desired pancakes. But instead of getting the adult portion of 6 huge pancakes (WTF?!?!?!), I got a kid’s order of 3 pancakes. I was full and my craving was satisfied. Side note: isn’t it sad that Americans are conditioned to think that 6 large floppy pancakes is an appropriate serving size? 😦
Later that day, I had some pizza. Double trouble! But that is ok–over the weekend, I had oatmeal, salad, chicken, fruits–I tried to compensate for the carb heavy Friday I had. Everything is about balance.

For week 23, I am working to continue eating well. Goals: Limiting my sugars & carbs, keeping my snacks healthy, taking in a diverse set of food, and incorporating exercise.

How are you working towards a healthier you?

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5 thoughts on “Week 22: Food & Exercise Chronicles

  1. 22 weeks wow! Congrats Allison! I am 32 weeks and in regards to healthy eating, smoothies have been my go-to meal when I not feeling up to having something big. Best wishes to you mama!


    • Hi Megan! Congrats on your pregnancy! You’re almost at the end! Smoothies are a wonderful idea for getting nutrients in when you’re not feeling too hot. You’ve inspired me–maybe I’ll make some this week for fun πŸ˜‰


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