Nursery progress!

It is week 32 in my pregnancy. Barely two months remain until little Ava “graces” us with her presence! 👶 So my husband and I have kicked our formally nonexistent baby prepping into a full blown “must have everything done ASAP” baby prep. We made so much progress this week!!

After much Pinterest-ing and combing through, I settled on a pink and grey themed nursery, with an ultra feminine & soft touch. Originally, I wanted to do a super pink/girly ballet themed nursery. After showing my husband what I was thinking, we discussed having a more neutral palette. I then decided on a girly, jungle theme, which is what I put on my registry. But then after a ton of online research, I moved to a cleaner theme–feminine and elegant. I kept some pink, but more as an accent color as opposed to the main color. My recommendation for expectant mothers: start early and take your time when deciding on a nursery theme!

Images from Pinterest. Inspiration for nursery!

Last week we settled on paint colors. On Saturday, we had a painter come over. By the afternoon, we had our three grey walls & one pink wall.

Grey wall: Valspar Reserve Hydrochrome in Pantone String; pink wall: Valspar Reserve Hydrochrome in Pantone Blushing Bride

In various stages, and with the help of two friends (thanks Holly & George!!), we built our crib and dresser…



My friend George hung these beautiful curtains that I purchased on Etsy. I used a double curtain rod from Ikea so I could have the option to pair these curtains with either practical black out curtains (to help with nap time) or more decorative sheer curtains.

I LOVE these curtains.

I also made a trip to Babies R Us to pick up some items, one of which was new bedding…

I’m pretty sure that after the first baby, I will never care to iron a bed skirt again. Haha.

…And more clothing. I pulled off all tags, sorted them by color, and began washing them using Tide Pods Laundry Detergent, Free & Gentle. Some people recommended that I use the more expensive brand Dreft when washing baby clothes, but Tide is essentially the same thing (but for less money) and recommended by nurses and several baby books! Here’s a tip: do NOT buy the Tide Pods from Amazon or Target. For some reason, they mark up the price significantly-for a 72 count they both charge $17.99. Stick to Walmart or Sam’s Club. For the same 72 count of pods, Walmart sells the pods at $9.97 & Sam’s Club (for a 90 ct) at $20.98.


This was only one load of her laundry…there are about four more to go. Oy!

As I finish week 32 and head into week 33, I look forward to putting together Ava’s bassinet, ordering some organizational items & floating bookshelves from Ikea, and settling on a rocking chair. I also look forward to packing my hospital bag! Everything is moving so fast! I can’t believe so little time is left until Ava’s arrival!

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2 thoughts on “Nursery progress!

  1. Glad you are making such fine progress with the nursery. Please try to take a photo of you and Sean with the blanket that I created for you so that I may have it for a special memory. .Love,, Grandma Emily


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