Namaste Pregnant Women ;)

During my pregnancy, I’ve tried to stay pretty active, which included walking, gym time, and yoga. I’ve continued to exercise, despite dealing with different health concerns—particularly my on-going nausea (hyperemesis gravidarum) and rhythmic Braxton Hicks (BH) contractions. BH contractions on their own aren’t terrible (when sporadic—it’s the body’s way of practicing for the real thing), but when they come rhythmically (every ten minutes, then five minutes, then two minutes…), they can be a sign of pre-term labor.

As a result of the contractions, I am now on a modified bed rest. Therefore, I have to take it easy with how active I am. But luckily, my doctor gave me the thumbs up to prenatal yoga classes. 👍

At yoga class, from my Instagram

Prenatal yoga classes have been by far my favorite form of exercise because:
1) the poses do not put too much stress or strain on my body
2) they maintain and increase flexibility
3) I can still perform many yoga poses, even during my current modified bed rest status
4) I can do it ANYWHERE! I am my own yoga machine and equipment
5) I can target areas that need stretching or that are contributing to my overall aches and pains
6) yoga has a very calming effect on me (and baby Ava)

About nine months and getting ready for yoga

Everyday I spend time performing a sequence of poses. I often target these areas: my hip flexors/round ligaments, back, and hamstrings. Funny enough, my hip flexors and hamstrings were areas that I would also target with stretching/yoga poses pre-pregnancy. The only difference is that I rely much more on yoga now to help alleviate my aches and pains. Here are my favorite poses, that can be done pre- and during pregnancy.*

*make sure you do your own research as well & consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen 😉

1) Cat/cow pose
Work that back!


On all fours, you round your back like a cat. Usually, you would invert it as well, but my yoga teacher did not recommend that for pregnant women. Hold the pose for a few seconds and breath deeply through the pose.

2) Ankle to hip opener
Work those hips!

Source: Google images

Sitting with your legs crisscrossed (right leg over left), turn to your right and place your hands on the floor. Bend gently in the direction of your right leg. Hold for a bit. Switch your legs and bend towards the left side.

3) Triangle pose
Work those hips/ligaments, back, and hamstrings

Source: Google images

This is my FAVORITE pose. This is an insta-cure when my hips or ligaments hurt. Stand with your legs wide open and your arms stretched out, shoulder level, wide open. Angle your left foot towards the left, while keeping your right foot still pointed to the front. Then, kind of like a windshield wiper, drop your upper torso in the direction of your left foot, arms still outstretched (you will kind of look like a clock). Bend your left knee a bit. When your left arm passes your knee, hold the pose. FEEL THE STRETCH IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF YOUR BODY! Repeat steps on the opposite side of the body.
–I love this pose so much that I would do it in the bathroom at work when my hips hurt. ❤️

4) One legged king pigeon pose
Work those hips/ligaments, back, and hamstrings

Source: Google images

In a runners pose, drop your right leg all the way to the back, almost as if you are about to do a split. Fold your left leg, as if you were going to crisscross that leg (so one leg is pushed back in a split, and the other is folded as if it were crisscrossing another “imaginary” leg). Slowly bend over the left, folded leg. You will feel such a great stretch in your hips and legs.

5) Eye of the needle pose
Work those hips/ligaments

Source: Google images

I love this pose. Lay on your back. Straighten your left leg and cross it over your right leg. Holding your right leg, bring your leg towards your chest. Hold it for a few breaths. Switch sides.

I highly recommend taking prenatal yoga. Anybody have any good poses to share? Share below in the comments.

**I am not a yoga specialist. Feel free to look up the different poses to find out more information. But before you do anything, make sure to consult your physician 😉

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