Wanna go out?




Picture this…

You are on a terribly long line at the Post Office. It is so quiet, you could hear a pin drop. Now focus in, at the tail end of the line, there stands a mother with a stroller, gently rocking it back and forth as she awkwardly balances a large box to deliver on her hip. Notice how she nervously looks at her baby every two seconds when random yelps seep out from behind the covered baby carriage…

That mom is you (well, me).

I was that mom. Well, I was trying not to be that mom. You know that mom. The one you give disapproving looks at when her child screams in public. The one you glare at, judging her parenting skills as her youngster carries on like a lunatic in public. The one you shake your head at, swearing that if that were your child, they would never act like that.

Oh how I was desperately trying not to be that mom…

I was so afraid that my cute little darling would convert into a screaming #tyrant at any moment.

It felt like an eternity in that Post Office. But luckily I escaped with only a few minor disturbances.

Later, I told my husband my story and how nervous I was. Needless to say he thought I was crazy.

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