Last week’s questionable diet: the highs and the lows

Man, it is rough being a mom.

It is an all consuming “profession,” leaving me with very little time to think about anything else, especially my diet if I don’t plan properly.  And last week…let’s say I suffered from somewhat poor planning…😱

I started the week with good intentions, planning to have salmon for the first half of the week and chicken for the second half, with a bunch of veggies as sides.  But everything was thrown out of whack when the salmon I picked up didn’t smell/taste good.  Being too tired to go on another food shopping trip & too busy to eat full/proper meals, I just kinda grabbed whatever was convenient. Plus, shopping is such a chore now that I have Ava so I avoid making “unnecessary” trips out of the house (ANY trip outside of the house feels unnecessary now).  It takes so long to get out the door and when I do, I worry about Ava the entire time that I’m out.

Low lights (this is what happens when you don’t plan & cook your meals/snacks):

  • Fast food: Fried chicken
  • An endless flow of chocolate teddy grahams that I finished in about 3 days (it became my night time nursing snacks)
  • Lots of Pillsbury biscuits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (haha, my weakness)
  • The candy Bunchacrunch (man these are good)
  • LOTS of snacking
  • Missed a few lunches–bad for many reasons.  When you skip a meal, you set yourself up to become ravenously hungry for your next meal and to overeat.  Also, meal skipping screws with your metabolism and sugar levels–no good.

Why did the above happen?  I was too lazy to plan properly in order to avoid these pitfalls.  Don’t get me wrong.  It is 100% ok to indulge and to enjoy food.  But I ate with no control this week, which is very dangerous.  Because before you know it, wreckless eating can become a pattern…a pattern that leads to unwanted weight gain.

I did have a few highlights though…

  • When I did mobilize midweek to go to the store, I bought another batch of salmon, which I grilled and ate with steamed cauliflower and sauteed spinach
  • Baked sweet potatos
  • Scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for a quick lunch (yay protein)
  • Strawberries and blueberries for a snack
  • Hummus & pita chips (though at the rate that I ate this, I’m not sure if it should truly be under my “highlights” list)

I drank lots of coffee this week…but also a ton of water.

What a random week of food.

Major highlight though, that has nothing to do with food:  I got to get a little exercise by taking Ava for walks when the weather was nice.  I look forward to more walks as the weather gets better!


So why write this post? It is important to take inventory of what I’m putting in my body.  It is also important to recognize that I wasn’t on my game last week so that this week I can avoid such poor choices.

::Here’s to a better week this week!!::


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