Flexible dieting

Since giving birth I have been trying my hardest to follow as healthy a meal plan as possible. “Flexible dieting”: not counting calories, but balancing food groups and being careful to limit fatty foods.

One of my first meals at the hospital, after giving birth.

I came across the term “flexible diet” on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the idea of it. Finally, a name for my way of eating.

Key components: “Understanding that treats and junk food are allowed, but not as the norm. I like to recommend an 80/20 rule. Other people lean toward 90/10; that still feels fairly restrictive to me.”

“Portion control. This is vital. There’s a difference between 1 doughnut and 12, and you don’t abuse this. Think a handful of gummy bears rather than a whole bag. A small serving of sweet potato fries with a chicken salad. A glass of wine to complement a steak.”

bodybuilder.com (note: I am NOT a body builder)

There were a few weeks when I lost control of my eating, and I paid the price by climbing a few pounds in weight. But I’m so proud to say that after taking the time to sit and plan my meals, I’m back on track.

I like to think of my week of food as 2×2: 2 meals in 2-3 day sets, assuming that I eat leftovers. So I’ll think of two sets of proteins and veggies for every 2-3 days.

The last two weeks of meals:
1) chicken teriyaki
2) gluten free pasta with ground turkey
3) salmon with baked sweet potato (no toppings) and sautéed spinach
4) baked chicken and steamed cauliflower (no toppings)
5) chicken or salmon salad with leftovers from above meals
6) kale salad with strawberries and pecans (a few tablespoons of dressing) with a side of sweet potato french fries


1) pita chips and hummus
2) oranges, grapes, bananas, berries
3) homemade banana bread with less sugar
4) homemade apple crisp
5) Chobani yogurt (I love Chobani and it’s all natural ingredients)

1) toast with olive oil (as the Spanish do)
2) oatmeal with almonds, cinnamon, and brown sugar
3) coffee, coffee, coffee ❤️

So following the principles of flexible dieting, I’m eating clean most of the time with sugary and carb heavy treats in small portions.

Results: I lost the pounds I gained and have stabilized.

Please note, I am NOT endorsing dieting while breastfeeding. I need an increased calorie intake in order to produce milk and to stay healthy. But it is important that I carefully select the food groups that I consume, without compromising my caloric needs.

Another nice addition has been my daily walks with Ava. My c-section incision has healed nicely and the weather in Texas is amazing! Plus, bringing baby out in the daytime helps with day/night reversal that newborns often suffer from (mine sure did–she thought the nighttime was “turn up” time). I bundle her up, get my headphones out, and loop around my complex about ten or more times.


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