Herb crusted chicken

I love fast meals and I’ve kinda nominated myself the queen of fast meals 👑 (haha). Fast, healthy meals that is. In this meal, the protein is an herb crusted chicken, with half a baked sweet potato, mixed salad, and biscuits as sides.

Herb crusted chicken
1 pack of chicken tenderloins (about one pound, give or take)
Olive oil
McCormick Chicken Montreal Spice
Badia Chicken Spice
Badia all purpose spice

1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees
2) Rinse chicken clean. Squeeze lemon on chicken.
3) Pat dry chicken. Coat chicken with olive oil.
4) Liberally apply spices. Add a few pinches of salt.
5) Bake for 20-25 minutes on an aluminum foil covered cookie sheet (the foil makes post clean up much simpler)

Before you get started with that chicken…
1) throw some sweet potatoes in the microwave to bake
-first, I rinse the potato clean, cut some slices on one side, and wrap the potato in a wet paper towel. My microwave has a baked potato setting.
2) rip open & wash a bag of pre-made salad

While the chicken is baking…
1) make some biscuits! I’m lucky enough to have access to my favorite Red Lobster brand cheddar bay biscuits (at Sam’s Club), which are so simple to make. The only outside ingredient needed is shredded cheddar

In total, from start to finish, you’ll be eating your home cooked meal in under an hour! ⌚️


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