8 Week Magic

I love Ava. But she has become REALLY awesome after she reached her eighth week of life. ❤️

On Feb. 2nd, I took Ava to her two month check up. She was a champ and took her shots like a pro. The doctor said that now she should start spacing out her feedings and sleep longer. Truer words were never said!

Literally, starting that evening, Ava started to spread out her feedings! Ava has been sleeping much longer and occasionally sleeps through the night.
She also has been smiling and laughing more! And the best part: she babbles…we have the best nonsensical conversations ever!

Life has been quite exciting for her since she’s turned two months old…

Ava’s grandparents came to visit from NY.


She got all dressed up in her nautical gear for a midday family lunch date.


And she matched her outfit with her momma.


Later that week, she got to go out again for a late lunching with her grandparents (Ava has a busy social calendar).

Selfie alert! Ava is unamused.





Ava got dressed up in hearts and flowers for Valentines Day. She spent the day at home with her parents.

She’s such a ham for the camera!

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