Flex Dieting…continued

Recently I came across a quote on Instagram that I really liked:

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does. Skip the diet. Just eat healthy.”

Dieting is hard to keep up. But healthy eating–a lifestyle change–is sustainable. I remember times when I wanted to lose weight and I’d do crazy crash dieting and workouts. It would be for stupid things, like fitting into a dress, as opposed to wanting to better my health (a mess).

But now I’m becoming better each day at “eating healthy”. Last week was a great continuation of my flexible dieting.

In my last post on flex dieting, I mentioned that I like to plan double meals by groups of days. This helps add variety to my diet. For the first couple of days, I made baked salmon and chicken, and alternated them for lunch and dinner. (Recipes in links)

Chicken tenderloins, salad, sweet potato, and cheddar bay biscuits. From my Instagram page.

Baked salmon for dinner turned into a salmon salad for lunch the next day. Is it obvious that I love plain baked sweet potatoes? My secret weapon for the salmon is Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic Spice and olive oil.


Made some yummy Spanish stew. Froze a bunch of it to save for when I start working again. I love the fresh ingredients that go into it.

Later in the week, I made a roasted chicken. I loosely followed my favorite baked chicken recipe. I had chicken and veggies for dinner and chicken salad for lunch. So delish. I also made banana bread.

Mixed in with my diet, I did a lot of walking (the weather was great!) and I went to my first post pregnancy yoga class. Don’t think this was a chilaxing yoga session–this was a high energy, ab focused yoga class. It felt so good to start to strengthen my abs. I couldn’t believe how hard some of the poses were when I had to use my core! Abs: a work in progress (so is my flexibility, as a matter of fact).


This week, I have roasted chicken and veggies on the menu, followed by chicken breasts and baby kale salad, ending with pasta with ground turkey. If needed, I’ll throw in Spanish rice and/or quinoa. All of these are fast and easy meals…perfect for my first week back at work.

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