Got Milk?

Recently, I returned to work after a lengthy bedrest/maternity leave. I was able to stay home with my little nursling for almost the first full three months of her life!  During that time period, she was almost exclusively breastfeed, whether it was “at the source” or via expressed milk. This ’round the clock nursing gave me a VERY healthy supply of milk. But almost as soon as I returned to work, my  supply plummeted. I tried the trick of watching videos of Ava while pumping, drinking more water, and eating oatmeal–all of which helped, by the way, but in general, my new pumping and feeding schedule delivered a huge blow to my formerly abundant supply of milk.

I miss the days of endless milk pumped in one sitting…. From my Instagram.

What to do?

I spoke to a friend of mine, who is nursing as well. She recommended two things. First piece of advice was to buy and to drink an herbal lactation tea. Her second bit of advice was to bake a batch of lactation cookies. I copied the recipe below and hyperlinked it here to share with you. They are quite possibly the yummiest oatmeal cookies I have ever had. My special twist–I added walnuts to the batter—it was so good🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪. #winning


Evidently, what makes this batter “pro-lactation” are the oats, Brewers yeast, flaxseed meal, the walnuts I added, and chocolate chips (yay chocolate). All of them are galactogogues (a substance that produces lactation in humans, or so Wikipedia says 😉 ).

Basically I made lactation cookies….but on steroids (not literally, just figuratively). I was so desperate for results, that if dirt were a galactogogue, I would have added it ( jk…not really).

Anyhow, the results (sans dirt, haha) were fabulous. I saw a climb in my milk production by about two ounces a day! Caveat: it takes a while to make the batter and then even more time to keep swapping out trays of cookies in the oven, so make sure your little one is taking one of those nice and long midday naps.

FYI: you may find it difficult to find two of the main ingredients for this recipe–flaxseed meal and Brewers yeast. Both can be found at Whole Foods. The flaxseed meal can be found in the “healthy living” section of a supermarket (like Kroger).

Oh, and some info about the tea I drink almost daily. It is called Mother’s Milk and I got it from Whole Foods. It has several veggie/herbal galactogogues, such as fennel, anise, and fenugreek. I like the taste of fennel and anise, so I find the tea palatable, even without a sweetener. But be prepared to add sweetener if need be. I like to add a touch of honey every once in a while.

From my Instagram.

Cheers to good health and an abundant supply of milk! 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼

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