Four Steps to Baby Food

Ava has been a champ when it comes to eating.  She LOVES food.

No doubt about it...Ava isn't missing a meal.

No doubt about it…Ava isn’t missing a meal.

I have been serving 1-2 small servings of puréed food everyday.  I would say each serving is about 4 tablespoons of food.  She often eats 1 serving of cereal (follow this link for Ava’s yummy cereal) or apple sauce (follow this link for how to make apple sauce) in the morning and then 1 serving of a vegetable around lunch time.

Two of her favorite vegetables are sweet peas and sweet potatoes (served separately).  I’ll be starting carrots this week.

Making baby food is pretty easy.  The main thing is keeping everything clean and being cognizant of not mixing foods that Ava hasn’t tried yet with foods that she already eats.  At this early stage in eating, I have to keep an eye on whether or not she might be allergic to something.

Typically, making baby food consists of the following 4 steps:

1) Clean the fruit or vegetable


2) Boil, steam, or microwave the fruit or vegetable.  I microwave the frozen sweet peas. Otherwise I boil/steam everything else.


3) Place food in Baby Bullet with some water to get the food to a desired texture.  I typically use the water leftover from boiling, since it is rich with vitamins & minerals from the veggie or fruit that was boiled.

IMG_1310 IMG_1429

4) Either freeze or serve.  When freezing, divide food into single servings so that it is easy to serve when defrosting. When defrosting, either stick food in refrigerator or place in warm water, and serve within 12 hours.


The end result: One really happy baby.  And lots of…diapers…


No cup goes unfinished!


I had to buy tons of bibs because Ava can go through six a day, between the food, milk, and drooling!



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