Ava has been really mobile during the past month.  At the beginning of July, I worried a little about Ava not being able to sit up on her own–she would always tumble over and need assistance while sitting.  By the end of July, Ava has not only been sitting up on her own, but also crawling, rolling, and pulling herself across the floor.  And, as you can see in the picture, she is standing on her own! Reminder: Ava is only 7 months old, almost 8 months as of the 2nd.

My aunt warned me this would happen.  She said that one day, I would randomly find Ava standing in her crib. Yesterday, I was looking down at my phone, about to send my husband a text message and I happened to look up at Ava (my every 2 minute habit). My heart stopped–there she was STANDING! STANDING!!!!!!! And as if I could doubt how she found herself in that position, she lowered herself and then pulled herself up again!!! Amazing.

This girl literally amazes me every day.

Ava: “I’d like to give a special shout out to my Jumperoo, which I practiced in every day!”

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One thought on “STANDING?!

  1. Yes, you are correct—Ava will keep you VERY BUSY now. We loved your photo and comments—especially Tyryon’s . Ava waited until she got back to Dallas to “strut her stuff’. The “Jumperoo” was great exercise for her. She’s a STRONG GAL!!!


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