Motivation Monday: Meal planning

Diet and meal planning: UGH.

It can be so hard to plan balanced, healthy meals and then, to COOK them.  Everyone is short on time, regardless of whether or not they are a SAHM (I am busy ALL the time at home).  Here is how I had a successful food week last week without much effort.

But first, some advice for making sure you eat well all week long:

  • Take the time to sit down and plan your week’s meals. The 20 mins you commit to planning will pay off.
  • Meal formula: meat/fish + veggie (+ optional extra side). 🍴
  • Always have a lot of microwaveable veggies in the freezer. In a pinch, you have a healthy side dish ready to go in 5 minutes (make sure there aren’t any unnecessary ingredients).
  • Bags of already made salads provide another source of quick side dishes OR a salad for lunch with left over meat from the night before.
  • Always have brown rice or quinoa at home. Better yet, make a ton and freeze it in ziploc bags (portioned by serving size). Then when you’re ready, you can easily defrost in two minutes. ALSO, you can buy rice in freezer bags (just like the veggies).
  • Do your food shopping on Sunday morning.  For me, that is the best time to shop.  There aren’t many people and I accomplish something before my laziness sets in. 😝
  • Cook 1-2 meals on Sunday that will last you until Wednesday.

Here is a look at my meals from last week: 3 in total

  • Sunday & Monday: We ate baked chicken (about 542 calories*), string beans (30 calories), and sweet potatoes (90 calories)
    • Chicken took about an 1 1/2 hrs.  You can follow the recipe above, but I basically just wash the chicken, squeeze lemon on & in it, butter it, season it, cook it.  Everything else is just decorative and not needed.
    • String beans: 5 minutes in the microwave, Bird’s Eye frozen variety
    • Sweet potatoes: cooked in the microwave for about 10 minutes

  • Thursday/Friday:  We had baked catfish (609 calories–>fatty, but “good” fatty–in an Omega fats, prevent cancer kind of way) with left over quinoa and/or green peas & caponata sauce and/or plantains
    • Now this was the bomb! I really enjoyed this and recommend it.  It took hardly anytime. And quinoa is delicious.
    • For the catfish, skip all the hoopla: coat in olive oil and your favorite seasoning (mine is Paul Prudhomme Seafood Magic) & bake at 350 for 25 minutes.  DONE!


  • Saturday: A Kale/Coconut/Apple/Honey Smoothie.  Yum!
    • Grab a bunch of Kale, 1 apple, half a can of Goya coconut water, and honey.  Blend with ice.  Add to or subtract from ratio in order to adjust to your taste


  • Snacks: tortilla chips & salsa; brownie with walnuts; yogurt; ice cream
  • Drinks: coffee, water, wine

I exercised by walking, doing yoga, and zumba.  This week, I’m looking forward to another healthy, yummy, and fast meal makin’ week!

Hopes this motivates y’all to plan a great food week as well!!

*all calorie counts are approximations from My Fitness Pal or from the recipe’s website.  I don’t normally count calories, but I wanted to provide them for my readers.

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