Caring for a sick Ava

This past week Ava has been dealing with and recovering from a cold.  Today, she is back to 100%, except for a lingering clogged nose.

Like any other mom, I hate when my child is sick.  It drains my soul and pushes my anxiety to new heights. But, thank God, this is only the second time that Ava has been sick in her almost 10 months of life!

#tbt to a less sick Ava. Luckily she is recovering like a champ! And so far, she is sleeping well.

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::Last time Ava was sick::

Her symptoms started innocently: a stuffy nose.  Then her eyes were constantly watery and glassy (along with lots of mocos, according to my babysitter, haha).  I thought maybe it was allergies.  The next day she was irritable and clingy.  I thought maybe it was because of her teeth growing in (her four top teeth are all coming in at once…yes!…said no mom ever).

That same day Ava wasn’t eating as much as she normally does. That was a red flag.  Because if there is anything that this girl likes to do, it’s eating (followed by terrorizing our chihuahua and sleeping).

Then I discovered that Ava had a fever.  She looked flushed and felt hot to my lips when I kissed her forehead. Her temperature was almost 101 degrees. I think my heart dropped when I read the thermometer, even though I knew that it was a low grade fever and not something to freak out about.  But I think that as a first time mom, my simple mental equation is fever = very bad & serious.

The worst part about having a sick baby is trying to play the guessing game as to what is wrong.”

I was able to get a same day doctor’s appointment and he assuaged my fears & mental ramblings of “what if this…” and “what if that..”.  He diagnosed Ava with a simple viral infection, aka, a cold.  He directed me to give Ava Tylenol when her temperature reached or was above 101.

After her appointment, I decided to give Ava all my love, energy, and attention, leaving work or anything else for nap times only. My number one goal was to keep her super comfortable and to hopefully reduce her cold symptoms.

Since cold & flu season is approaching, I wanted to share some of the things I did to help Ava recover quickly and as comfortably as possible. Do you have any other home remedies for babies & small children? Include them in the comments below!! 


  1. Baby Chest Rub, a.k.a., Vicks Vapor Rub

Why: Has anyone ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Do you remember how the father believed that Windex was the cure all for everything? That is how I feel about Vicks Vapor Rub.  Go ask my parents–they’ll tell you.

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I swear by the power of Vicks for stuffy noses.  My grandmother used to use it on me every time I was sick.  It’s so great for opening up a congested nose.  Also, it is just soothing to feel someone rubbing your chest and back when you are a sick, little kid.

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2.  Little Remedies Saline Spray

Why:  Ava HATES this stuff. I literally have to wrestle her to get even one drop into her nose (you may laugh now, but you try fighting Ava–she’s really strong!).  After I finally get a few drops into each nose, I suction out (click here for link to the nasal aspirator that I use) whatever guck is in her nose.  This stuff is great for simultaneously moisturizing and drying out her nose. I administer it every morning & night, at least.

I live for those pouty lips. She was so congested and feeling under the weather. It was a miracle that she was able to fall asleep.

I live for those pouty lips. She was so congested and feeling under the weather. It was a miracle that she was able to fall asleep.

3. Tylenol (for babies)

Why:  Not much to write about Tylenol.  It’s a fever reducer.  Enough said.

4. Campbell’s Chicken & Rice Soup

Why:  Sadly, I don’t have a real reason for this one.  Everyone told me to do it and I myself am a believer in the great healing powers of Chicken Soup.  I know it can help with dehydration.  Since Ava wasn’t eating a lot, it was great that this was appetizing to her and that she actually ate it. I fed it to her in small portions once a day (I kept the left overs in the fridge).  My babysitter swears by the below soup, as opposed to the Campbell’s brand, but I didn’t have time to run out and buy some. It’s called Maggi Sopa Sabor a Pollo con Fideos/Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup Mix. 


5.  Babies R Us Crane Humidifier

Why: I put this on every night to help Ava breathe a little better.  It adds some moisture into the air.  I ran it every night.

Now that I’ve listed a few of my go-to remedies, what are some of yours?

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